Our lab is open Monday through Friday 8-9:00.
    No appointment is needed if one of our providers has ordered labs for you.

      Lab results:  Once your provider has reviewed your labs you will be notifed by mail or
      phone. If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks for routine labs, please call our
    Please note: We send of our labs to an outside lab for processing
    so you will receive 2 bills, one from Hallowell Family Practice for drawing the lab and
   one from processing lab.

As a family practice, we serve both children and adults with some of the following

• Wellness Exams     • Physcial Exams      • School and Sports Exams
• Diabetes      • High Cholesterol   • High Blood pressure
• Immunizations     • Minor Injuries      •Asthma   
• Emphysema/COPD and much more!




Prescription Refills

We ask that you be responsible for anticipating the need for prescription refills. Requests may take up to 48 hours to process after we receive the message. All medication refills phoned in after 4:00 pm on Monday through Thursdays and 11:00 am on fridays will be handled the next business day by our office.

Please note: if Prior Authorizations are required with your insurance, additional time might be needed for processing. 


Is now open at the MaineGeneral Medical Center on Enterprise Drive in Augusta.
They are available for walk in services for NON-life threatening emergencies
such as colds, strep, ear infections. They accept most insurances.
for NON-life threating emergencies:
Our providers can be reached by calling the MaineGeneral Medical Center switchboard at (207) 626-1000, request to have our on call provider paged. Our providers rotate the on call coverage for after hours, Holidays and weekends.