We are accessible...........

Our approach to scheduling is called open access. The theory behind this is that if you want to be seen, we will do our best to see you within 24 hours of calling during a workweek. If it is for an emergency, it would be sooner. This is something that we are still experimenting with and have not yet perfected.  It highlights our strong desire to provide timely appointments.

It is our goal as a practice to provide outstanding care in a relaxed and personalized and caring environment. If there are suggestions that you might have for improvements, please do not hesitate to share them with us. 

                               Scott Schiff-Slater, M.D.        Nathan Murray-James, M.D.

We are a Private Practice
                        As such, we are responsible for all the goings on in our practice. In essence, "The buck stops here".
                     If there is something that you are not satisfied with regarding how you are treated, the surrounding
                     environment, etc. We would like to hear about it. The private practice model also carries with it a strong
                     commitment to staying in this area, we are here for the long run..